The Utravel Group is a travel consortium based in Israel, associated with over 180 agencies that specialize in the business and private consumer sectors.

Utravel's main goal is to give its members significant business benefits derived from the group’s synergy, its technology and training capabilities, and of course from the cooperation with its suppliers in the travel industry. As a member, you will have the most essential tools needed to increase profitability and achieve a significant competitive edge.

Your travel agency will be able to benefit from new and innovative products, increased availability of services and advanced technologies, all which will assist you in formulating an optimal service experience.


  • Meeting Iata Members - March 2015

    On March 23rd a meeting of Utravel IATA managers was held at the Metropolitan TLV, where the important issues of VAT laws, the new Insurance law and the future of the travel industry were raised.

  • Meeting EL-AL and AMADEUS

    An important meeting with El Al Management took place at the Isrotel tower TLA, were the two parties discussed their future relations. Amadeus Israel CEO gave a revew on future tendencies of global tourism

  • Utravel honorary award

    The Utravel group during its annual event, gave Mr.Efraim Fortis an award of paragon in the tourism industry ...

  • Monitour - Tourism lovers homepage

    A new joint venture. The new website was created out of a mission to expose global tourism trends, news and updates to the local israeli market.

  • Webeler - travel websites aggregator

    Utravel has implemented a unique aggregator system that allows travel agents to search, compare and receive commissions from world leading travel websites.

Global Connections

Marketing Tools

Knowledge Base

Enjoy a variety of benefits made possible by Utravel’s preferential agreements with leading suppliers in the travel industry:

  • Increased Commissions
  • Exclusive marketing channels
  • Special members-only benefits
  • Product variety

Broaden your marketing capabilities by utilizing the innovative technologies provided by Utravel:

  • Exclusive reservation & booking systems
  • Agency portal
  • Personalized websites
  • Direct Marketing systems

Receive strategic consultation and professional guidance that will allow you to grow your business:

  • Training sessions
  • Focused seminars
  • Strategic consultation
  • Networking conventions